Hello Everyone,

It’s Bettina. Yes it has been a minutes since I have shared an  entry of Dear Journal. 

So guess what, I am sharing one  today and I am excited! Let’s show this writer some love!

If you are not familiar with this column, read the introduction describing why I started it.

Have a beautiful day!

Dear Journal,

It seems like the last couple of days have been heavy. While, I did not know Kate Spade or Anthony Bourdain personally-heck I didn’t even follow them-and NO I don’t even have one of her bags. However, their deaths are weighing on me like a ton of bricks. No, I do not have feelings of depression, or overwhelming sadness nor do I have suicidal thoughts. But what I can tell you is, personally, all the social media posts recommending people call those who are strong or make a reference to ‘if you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, call THE hotline’ are really working my nerves and my spirit.

So, when I stumbled onto your website, and saw this idea of sharing my thoughts without having reference to ‘me’, I thought I would try it. (I trust my name won’t be used, hmm) I want to be able to get my words out…. outside of my own note paper, maybe have at least one other person read them, and not have the world know that ‘I’ said them. But I really feel like screaming, not in despair, but just to be heard. Kind of sounds crazy huh?

Well, after reading all your posts, I thought at least YOU would understand. Thank you for providing a safe space for people like me. I am not an empty nester yet, but it will happen and if I am not reading your blog daily, I will certainly return when the time comes.


The Screamer

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