Y’all I cannot do this dating app thing. No matter how I spin it, turn it, or flip it. It is not for me. It is kind of like my dislike for milk. Like seriously, my hatred for milk. I have disliked milk for years. Although, when I was married, he knew the exact moment I was pregnant, because I would pour a glass of milk. Ok, I know I’m off topic.  

But this is nothing like drinking milk. And while I mentioned in my previous blog, that I would give it some time-well I specifically said 30 days-it ain’t working for me. And 21 more days of using the app is not going to change anything. So, I will not tell my good friend that I quit. And it is unlikely she’ll read it here, because she doesn’t read my blogs anyway. Besides she dates a lot differently than I do, and her way seems to work for her.  

Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you.” ~ Joey Adams 

You see, I am a little ole school. I still believe attraction can exist at first site. And, I also believe in being courted by the man and that I don’t have to be the aggressor in the seeking stage. While mostly in my past relationships, I was the most romantic partner, I still desire to be romanced, even if it is in a small way. Further, I also believe that a real connection is made in the face-to-face contact and not in the ‘swiping a photos’.  And finally, I believe chivalry still exists.  

So, I am not saying NO to dating, just no to these online dating apps. I feel like a piece of cattle-opening the app, checking to see if ‘someone’ liked my photos-liked me-and questioning whether I posted the ‘perfect photos’, or answered the questions favorably, hoping for the perfect ‘match’. And God forbid someone likes and sends me message, now I have to wonder if they want to cut me up into pieces and bury me in their yard. No seriously-hell yes seriously.

Ok so I may have over did it.  But I am certainly not saying that the app doesn’t work. I know couples-well I knew couples because I am no longer friends with those couples-that met on a dating app and got married. The apps seem to work, but it is just not for me. And yes, again I paid and will lose money.  

While I don’t know the odds of actually meeting a man and dating him after experiencing a connection from face-to-face meeting. Well, it is likely the odds aren’t so good right now since I cannot even go anywhere because of CovidSh—let’s face it, it is highly unlikely. But I am happy just the way I am and patient. Therefore, whenever or even if ever the time is right, I know it will happen. I am in no rush.  

And let’s be clear, while my biggest fear is leaving this earthly life without experiencing the opportunity of feeling loved again by the man of my dreams, I am comfortable being single. Singleness has its advantages. Besides, I have the opportunity to work on me. I am not perfect so this is the perfect time to do me.  

We are experiencing life now, out of our control. In those areas where I do have control, I am taking my time, evaluating my options and making my own choices. And for now, I am delighted to say that I will wait for dating to choose me.  

Be You, Love You, Forgive You!