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…the kids are all grown up, it’s time to break out….I am the Empty Nester!

Welcome to the Breakout Mom! the Breakout Mom is a lifestyle blog / online destination for all things related to motherhood, as an empty nester, style and everything in between. This blog /online destination is a window into my life as I transition from active parenting to adult parenting in the most happiest way.

I will be ‘my’ first priority while juggling being a mother to my 3 wonderful adult children. I now get to journey through life with a different set of lenses.

Why the Breakout Mom….I enjoyed being a full-time military spouse and SAHM mother while my children grew up. I happily designed my life to support my family while actively parenting. Now, as a single person and parent of adult children, I get to redesign my life. I feel like a child who is sneaking out of the house through the second floor window….I get to ‘Breakout’ and do me!

‘Doing me’ will in no way minimize my role as an ‘active’ parent, it will only accentuate me further support my personal growth.

I am not ashamed to transition into a woman who now gets to make myself a priority. I am pleased to have been blessed with the responsibility of nurturing 3 wonderful souls into adulthood and I feel confident that now it’s my turn.

My transition to date has not been all roses, and here I will share the darkest and brightest days of my transition. I can only hope and pray that sharing my transition will help others.

Join me and let’s ‘Breakout’ together! Love….Bettina

tBM goal…to inspire unapologetic confidence and independence among moms who are empty nesting and to encourage them to look and feel amazing during the process.

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