So, I had to look up this term, because I wanted to ensure I was using it correctly. You see, I was on my way to returning to the bad habit of mediocrity. Actually, I was there for 4 days. While I was there, in my head, I had all of these reasons why it was ok to remain in the state-mediocrity. And while I was there, I told myself that I was ok. But once I was honest with myself, I admitted that it was not ok to be there and I needed to come out.  

I am not talking about drinking, or binge eating a specific food item. No, I am talking about blogging. In my commitment to the July blogging challenge, I fell off the wagon last week and did not write the required blogs for four days. Yes, I said four. But here I am now, front and center.  

The reason I fell short (no it’s not an excuse) was because I had writer’s block. Monday’s blog was a challenge to write. For some reason, it was extremely difficult to come up with the topic and then write the content. Normally, the most challenging task for me is identifying the topic. But once I have the topic, I can normally write the content effortlessly. Well not last week. My brain felt fried. I felt anxious when it came to developing a topic for Tuesday. It was so challenging that I didn’t do it. Nor did I do it for the remainder of the week. Saturday, I decided that not completing the challenge wasn’t an option.  

I write not only to share, and hopefully help others, but more importantly I write to help heal me.”

While the challenge has a prize attached, even though it would have been nice to earn the prize, that wasn’t why I committed to the challenge. I committed to the challenge because I wanted to build consistency in blogging because it enables me to chat with all of you. The challenge is also an opportunity for me to strengthen my writing skills. Even though writing was not a desirable activity when I was in elementary and high school, it is an activity that I enjoy now. More so, it is an activity that is required for me professionally. 

So, on Saturday, I actually completed three of the five required blogs for the week. Now, I have no revelation for why I was able to accomplish this task all in one day. But I did it. It was, however, invigorating. Since blogging, I have not written more than one blog on one day. You can see why writing three sent me over the moon.  

Of course, I have those moments when I feel like the blog can be longer, or that I missed something. There are lots of times that I feel like no one will be interested in what I have to say. And all of this may be true, but none of that is my concern. Yes, don’t get me wrong, I hope everyone that reads my blog, loves it, or at least likes it a little bit. However, I have to write even when everyone that reads the blog dislikes it. The most difficult moment in blogging is knowing that no one may read my blog. In each and every one of these moments, I must still write.  

I write not only to share, and hopefully help others, but more importantly I write to help heal me. 

And right now, I am going to be cliché’ ish… if that is a word or a thing. For certain, if I can write three blogs in one day, you can commit to those goals that once sent you over the moon, that you may have set on the back burning. Do it! Whatever excites you, gives you butterflies or makes you shiver, do it. Do not wait any longer. Also, I challenge you to hold me accountable. If you are enjoying my stories, certainly tell me when I am falling short. Tell me if you’d like to see or hear more. Tell me anything, I will listen even if I don’t agree. 

In the meantime, I want to see you on the other side of the moon.  

Be You, Love You, Forgive You!