In continuing my blog and deciding when and what I wanted to write about daily, I realized that moments throughout the day my inner voice had a few simple words it needed to get out. Nothing that would generate a 300-1000 word blog with several pictures-just a few words to encourage me, or allow me to cry out.

On this journey to and embracing ‘empty nesting‘, I learned to accept that it is not always fun and uplifting. And, I really believe it has a lot to do with me being single. So, I’ve decided to journal about it….in simple terms, texts, and words.

If you are currently an empty nester, or you are approaching it very soon, you may already know the studies, or shoot you may simply know how you feel. Well, I refuse to accept that empty nesting ‘sucks’. (I also refuse to accept that being single sucks too, ha.)

But no matter the journey or adventure, I wrote in my journal. I know you all write in yours too! Our journals are our safe place. But in our safe place-our journals-we are all going through the same things. However, when I share what I am going it is therapeutic in knowing that I am not alone. I want you to know that you are not alone either.

For all of these reasons and more is why I am so excited to introduce a new column, Dear Journal.

Then it hit me, I don’t want Dear Journal to be all about me. While, I like being the voice of TBM, I want you all to be apart of the conversation. You can be apart of the conversation by being a sharing your personal stories open and honestly-no fear, no judgement. Moments, of joy, laughter, embarrassment, sorrow, or request for encouragement can all be share here–ANONYMOUSLY.

Sharing yours and my stories here with TBM community can help someone else and you!

Dear Journal entries have no limits. There are no rules or restrictions; there are no wrong or bad ones – all are welcome. You can submit your entry anonymously if you wish. Your content will not be changed or altered. It will be posted exactly as submitted and your name will not be listed.

To submit a journal entry, email your story to Then stay tuned to read your stories and connect with TBM community.