When I began writing today, my goal was to share my exciting news of how I joined a blogging challenge for the month of July. This challenge is pretty neat. We are blogging daily Monday through Friday through the last day of the month.

I was prepared to share all of these great reasons why I felt it was important to be apart of this challenge-like how it will be a chance for me to chat with all of you-everyday, share some good information about me and my super exciting empty nesting lifestyle (insert side eye) and oh and yes a whole lot of other great stuff. However, after completing the first blog yesterday, (one I had actually written sometime ago but allowed myself to be too distracted to complete and post) I was stumped.

Here I am on day 2, yes only day 2, and I am dreading writing the second blog.

No, I did not plan out the whole entire month of blogging ideas like most of my blogging champions in the Facebook group. Heck, I didn’t even plan out this first week. So here I was tonight trying to come up with a topic. My mind was racing and all kind of ideas were twirling. But none sound interesting. And then I asked myself one question and then it hit me, there’s your topic.

So this blog should really be titled, Why did I join a blogging challenge?

I share because I want to help others.” 

And, actually I have a really good answer.

Even though I struggled a little with today’s post, I am still excited about the blogging challenge. I remain committed because of all of the reasons why I joined in the first place. I pushed through today’s hesitation because I really like chatting with you all, well at least I like sharing a little of me with you. You see, lots of times I will have a great story. I will even read through the story in my mind, but then I get distracted and I loose the story. Sharing these stories are important to me because empty nesting isn’t always easy. Add a single lifestyle to this and then it get a little more intriguing. So I felt this challenge would not only keep me on track with my commitment to blog daily, but also force me to log my stories and share.

I share because I want to help others.

Right at this moment, I do not have topics for the rest of the week, but I am excited to begin planning after I hit ‘post’ on this one. I am excited to be able to finish something that I started. I remain excited to share with you!

So, I am not going to end this blog with some amazing revelation and share with you some wisdom on commitment, or about follow through or even about staying focused; these will remain my lessons. But what I do request of you is that you have fun! In all that we have going on today, in the world, and in life, have fun! You deserve it! And I invite you back tomorrow for another look into the life of an empty nester.

Be You, Love You and Forgive You!