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I can really relate to today’s entry. Dating over 50 has it’s challenges, but I also believe it brings a certain level of freedom. For example, at 50, are we looking for someone who might make a wonderful parent? Neither do I believe we would be worried about him having his favorite activities or past times, because at this age we do have our own lives. Shucks, now dating long distance might be a thing! Either way, I would like to hear your feedback, and so would our writer. Remember, speak with kindness and no judgment.

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Dear Journal,

I am a 50 year old female and find dating again at this age challenging. I was in a very long relationship that recently ended amicably. While it seems easy for men to jump back into dating, it has been a little challenging for this ‘returning dater’. I have tried a few online dating sites, but they seem to ignore my preferences, resulting in options to do not match. Am I crazy to think that physical attraction is a must? I do not intend to be mean, but I cannot look at some of these profiles too long and I wont even talk about the ones who post wild animals as their profile photo.

I am not eager to find that special one, but I am interested. I am also excited to develop nice friendships if they don’t lead to a relationships. But I feel with age, along with the new Covid norm, dating has become a little more challenging. Either way, I am embracing this ‘singleness’. 

Thank you for this open and judge free zone!


50 and New To Dating

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