Ihave received so many signs lately about fear that I literally feel like I am being ‘punked’. I have seen different quotes and memes, heard a couple of different speakers and am even reading about it in a new book I’ve begun reading (I will talk more about this book). It seems so strange to see these references to fear now after just meeting for the first time with my lifestyle coach. My first module was overcoming fear and gaining clarity.

Ironically, I have been living in fear for at least 18 years. For real! One example, I have been a MK consultant, both active and inactive for almost that time. Let me explain my fear a little.

I am not fearful of success, hard work or even the general stuff. I have more than 23 years of experience in insurance claims adjusting and as long as I’m doing that I will rock. I have been volunteering and even working in some leadership capacity for more than 20 years, nope not afraid of that either. As well, I have been parenting for more than 29 years….and believe me-some parents may agree-parenting is not for the fearless…at least once you get past either the first year or after dropping them, no I’m just kidding (but really I’m not). But for the life of me I cannot ask a person to buy one doggone lipstick or eye color. What the heck is that about?

But for the life of me I cannot ask a person to buy one doggone lipstick or eye color. What the heck is that about?

For 20 years I’ve been buying my own freakin products and this crap has got to stop. Sales, scares the crap out of me. I have to relate this fear to sales, because I have no problem meeting new people and having quality conversations. But let me receive a challenge from my director that requires me to meet and introduce the product or business to a number of people….I run for the closet. Now let me say this, I LOVE the product and business! But I have no excuse for why I have a difficult time sharing that with people.

I have received my most recent challenge-from my coach-Living without Fear, Fearless, Boldly, and Outside of my Comfort Zone. Where are the ‘frightened as hell memes. She says, in order to accomplish things you’ve never accomplished before, I have to live unlike I’ve lived before. Maybe I can interpret that as moving to a new city with a whole lot of snow-wait I’ve lived in Watertown, NY. Yes, I know, it means I need to live fearlessly. That means I need to do the unthinkable-live without limits.

Today I am deciding to live boldly…fearless in every aspect of my life. What’s the worst that can happen? I get rich buying my own inventory. Well wait that hasn’t happen yet…well the worst that can happen is…wait I’m at my worst. Shoot can you buy a lipstick??