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Today’s entry is a good. I can so relate to this entry. As an entrepreneur I get so frustrated when things are not working out in my business. Are you an entrepreneur? What is it like for you? Do have some experiences you’d like to share? Share them below.

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Dear Journal,

The anxiety of being an entrepreneur is overwhelming at times and I feel like giving it up and going back to a ‘real job’. I tell my husband this often, and he is always so supportive. He supports my journey as an entrepreneur but sometimes I feel like a failure. He is a great provider and our family is good with all the basics and ongoing savings with my husband’s income; and for that I am grateful.

My contribution to the household would provide for a little extra…shopping, travel, and a little more family dinners and fun outings with the babies. Of course, this would happen after I mastered this entrepreneur ‘thing’. Don’t get me wrong, I know hard work, consistency, and rejection are all a part of this cycle, but geesh how much should an entrepreneur endure until enough is enough.

Anyway, I just wanted to vent and that I did. Now let me head back to this entrepreneur life for now. Thanks for listening.


The Frustrated Entrepreneur

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