Hello Everyone,

It’s Bettina. Welcome to the first entry of Dear Journal. 

I am sharing today and I am excited!

If you are not familiar with this column, read the introduction describing why I started it.

Have a beautiful day!

Dear Journal,

Wow it’s January 23 in the year 2018 and it seems time is rolling by quickly. As I sit here working in Starbucks, I can’t help but feel a little alone. Don’t get me wrong, I have been productive. I have completed items on my to-do list and I am on target with reaching goals set on 1 January. However, as an empty nester, I don’t have school meetings to attend, no school sports that require chauffeuring of children and no homework to encourage a child to complete.

Yet, I feel somewhat resolved, content, still.

So, what is this I’m feeling?


Breaking Out

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