While trolling Instagram today I came across a post that hit home. It started off, “January 1st seems like yesterday, and yet I’ve not made the progress that I had intended to make by now”. It caused me to pause a moment and think about where I am today. I asked myself, ‘have I made the progress that I think I should have made by today, 13 January 2018?’

Today it’s 13 days post new year. Where do I think I should be?

Well that depends. Am I asking in my personal life or my professional life?

In my professional life, I am certainly in a good place on day 13 of the new year. While I sometimes feel entrepreneurship sucks, I have been making strides in both my businesses this year. I have implemented successful tasks within my blogging business, that has made me happy. After searching and joining many blogging communities, I finally found one that has really made a positive impact in my blogging career. The 10k Blog Traffic Challenge is the perfect challenge if you are a new blogger.

As a small business owner, I still struggle. I have committed to some daily tasks that, while I have fallen short I have still made more progress in these 13 days than I had before 2018.


Run your own race!

If I asked myself the same question, ‘where do I think I should be’ in my personal life? Wow, now we are in dangerous waters.

As a 49 year old, I could certainly be in a better place, especially if I compare myself to others. Heck, compared to others, I should be a homeowner, debt free, married and blissfully sharing photos of how awesome my husband is because he has either treated me to a trip, sent me to the spa, cooked dinner or bought me some wonderful gift just to say he loves me.

Well guess what, I have none of the above.

I am a single women, who went on less than five dates in 2017, I have more debt than the cost of a home purchased by a first time home owner, and I have more wine glasses than girlfriends.

Now don’t get me started on social media. Based on the groups I have been added to, or the pages that I follow that were once nice and fun pages have now changed their name to something that has me to following a life coach, a financial coach, health or relationship advisor. These individuals will have me working 5 jobs, saving 90% of my income, paying down debt before I eat, talking to the dog so I can get the owner to like me, eating only juiced dandelions and wearing the same outfit for 30 days per the ‘1 outfit 30 day capsule’.

But if I really look at ME and what I have done in the best interest of ME on day 13 of the new year. I am not where I thought I’d be, I have surpassed my expectations.

I knew that I had too much debt. And after following too many financial figures, I realized I had to take steps that were in my best interest not what seemed to be the industry norm. I had to swallow the guilt of recognizing my situation and just do what was needed to be done. So I filed bankruptcy. And yes, I filed it myself because I was not in a position to be able to pay for an attorney.

Yes, I am single. While I had not set any goals around a ‘love’ relationship for 2018, I am not worrying about it. Since my divorce, I have taken ‘myself’ on more dates than I have been with someone else.

My weight may not be model ready, but I like my weight. I decided that in 2018 I would commit to more 5k runs and train for a half marathon. I am happy to say I am on a 7 week run streak. And I am eating what I want. (chuckle)

I am not running out to shop for new clothes, but I certainly have more than 1 outfit.

See in recognizing what needed to be done, I didn’t let anything stop me.

So I am here to tell you to run your own race. When it comes to identifying where you are or should be in life, turn off the computer, the TV and even the radio. Review your own ‘stuff’ in no comparison to anyone or anything else. See you only know where you should be and it will only be revealed through self-reflection.

When I reviewed ME, I realized that on this 13 day of the new year, I am right where I should be. Thank God!